6 Easy Way To Grow Indoor Succulents that available at Kuching!

Succulents are a trendy decorative addition to any home. This diverse group of plants offers endless color variations, as well as low maintenance options for your indoor space. Most plants need a wet environment to survive, but succulents are able to store water for longer periods of time. This ability makes succulents practical to grow in the dry and warmer conditions typically found in the home.

Succulents are perfect plants for beginners. Coming in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures, succulents have an enticing quality. Here are six succulents that are easy to grow indoors year-round.

1. Burro’s Tail

These trailing succulents look best when planted in a hanging container. Place it on a ledge or a shelf so that its tendrils can cascade down and drape the area beautifully. Its blue-grey leaves can grow up to 3 feet long. Although this succulent isn’t known to have flowers blooming, you will be surprised to see that pink or red flowers may appear occasionally. This plant thrives best in an environment that has a source of light at a medium intensity. Be careful not to place this plant under direct sunlight as it may cause sunburn.

2. Aloe Vera

This prickly plant has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. The sap found on the inner leaves is used to heal wounds and soothe burns. Aloe Vera should be kept in full sunlight and should be watered when the leaves feel dry or brittle. Keep this medicinal plant by a bright kitchen window to enjoy its beauty every day.

3. Echeveria

This desert native comes in a variety of colors and does best in dry conditions. Echeveria should be watered only once it has dried out. Un glazed clay pots are the ideal growing condition for this succulent, as the clay allows water to evaporate. For optimal results, place echeveria in full sun and ensure the soil is well drained.

4. Snake Plant

Snake plants are also a great option to add to your home. Its long, pointed leaves have patterned markings that resemble a snake and make a fantastic choice for adding a splash of colour in a room. They are also incredibly easy to care for as you can place them in low light environments and allow the rhizomes to grow into a clump over the years. These succulents can take a beating and are easily revivable even if they seem like they are on the brink of death by merely watering them. Similar to caring for aloe vera, you have to allow the soil to dry out between waterings.

5. Pin-cushion Cactus

Don’t be taken aback by these prickly little things; they are an adorable succulent to place on a study desk or countertop. There are over 200 species of ball-shaped cacti that are commonly used as indoor decor. Cacti thrive in environments that are brightly lit, so it is advisable to place your cacti by a windowsill. These succulents only require occasional watering – you only need to water them when the soil is completely dried out. In order to make it bloom, it should be kept in a cool environment. It is also good to take note that although its spikes are delicate, they have hooked ends which may be challenging to pull out of the skin.

6. Houseleeks

Probably the prettiest succulent in our list is the houseleek, also commonly known as hens-and-chicks because of its unique growth pattern. Smaller yet identical plants sprout from the core to form beautiful rosettes and are available in two variants. The first type is called the echeveria elegans, which has rounded edges and grows into arching, bell-shaped blooms. The second type is known as sempervivum tectorum, which has pointed tips, and produces pink, star-shaped flowers. Both variants make a lovely addition to your home; either as a coffee table decor in your living area, or as an ornament on a shelf. Be careful not to overwater these succulents as it could cause them to rot.

With so many succulents to choose from, you’re sure to find a new favorite on our list. And you’re ready to plant, now that you know a little more about the specifics on each. If look for real succulent, you can visit 5th mile Sian Wong Hup Pottery, Rainforest Garden and few other near your housing area gardening related shop.

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