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Feng Shui is experiencing something of a renaissance in the 21st century. As a practitioner of this classical Chinese science, I am happy to see that there are so many people interested in finding our how they can rap into the beneficial Qi of the environment to improve their lives, achieve their goals and live well. Unfortunately, the popularity of Feng Shui has also eroded its true identity. Now, everything seems to have a Feng Shui significance, from figurines to crystals to even what colour you dye your hair.

Feng Shui is part of the Chinese Five Arts, :and falls under the category of physiognomy. This is in essence, the science of observation, specifically observation of Qi. Hence, classical Feng Shui entails not just the application of formulas through methods such as Flying Stars, Eight Mansions and Xuan Kong Da Gua, bur the observation of the environment in which a person lives and works. The study of the environment and the landforms in the environment is sometimes called Forms. I prefer co use its classical name, which is Luan Tou Feng Shui, which loosely translates into 'the face of the mountain'. Unfortunately, there is little reference to landform in many modern books about Feng Shui. Most modern books are about trinkets and figurines. Honestly, this is nor what classical Feng Shui is about.

Feng Shui For Homebuyers Exterior
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